Topics this episode:

:55 NBA Playoffs
1:19 Are the Cavs Done?
2:26 Hilarious Cavs Finals Meme
3:00 Legacy: Steph’s vs. LeBron’s
6:38 Steph: A Hall of Famer?
9:08 Wifey as Sports Analyst
9:50 Harambee the Gorilla
11:02 Animal Lives vs. Human Lives
18:30 Harambe’s “Homegoing Program”
19:30 Teaching Our Kids About God’s Creation
21:16 Reflections on Muhammad Ali
21:56 What To Do With Icons Who Don’t Share Our Faith/Values?
29:00 Ali: The Unbranded Athlete
30:45 Sorry We Missed That: Craig Hodges Defends His Three-Point Shooting Title in a Generic Jersey
32:55 Your Favorite NBA Throwback Jersey
35:16 What Are You Reading/Listening To?

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