Topics this episode:

:44 J Hartman’s New Nickname
1:28 NBA Playoffs
1:54 Does LeBron Deserve the Hate?
6:38 Kevin Love’s One Way Ticket Out of Cleveland
7:54 Has Steph Curry Disappeared?
9:50 The Curry 2’s: What are Those?!?!
12:50 Believe-land Hope
13:26 Orlando Mass Shooting Reflections
15:21 Pulse Shooting and the Sanctity of Life
17:55 Monitoring What We Listen To (News Reports)
20:21 Taking the Anti-Media Approach
22:19 Orlando Chick-Fil-A Opens on a Sunday
23:11 Sho Baraka Signs with Humble Beast Records
23:50 Better Squad: Humble Beast Records vs. Reach Records
28:04 Sorry We Missed That–Devon Still and #LeahStrong
30:09 Reflecting On A Brave 3 Year-Old–#BradyStrong
32:30 The Importance of the Ministry of Presence
37:35 What We’re Reading/Listening To


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