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:45 Kaepernick’s “Stand”
16:09 Storylines We’re Following in College Football and the NFL
28:05 Spiritual Gifts and the Gift of Tongues
43:35 Sorry We Missed That – Charles Ramsey aka Mr. Dead Giveaway
47:30 What We’re Reading/Listening To
53:45 Closing Shout Outs


 “The most disheartening this about the Kaepernick situation is watching people shout past each other.” @boxand1podcast @C_Lass

“When you react to events like the Kaepernick situation, it’s not about what you say but how you say it.” @boxand1podcast @JohnCRichardsJr

 “Peter’s message in his epistle was to make your citizenship somewhere else, but be the best citizens in your community.” ”  @boxand1podcast @C_Lass

“Are we as Christians not ‘out there’ enough in defending rights? Are we failing in our evangelism?”  @boxand1podcast @CoachJHartman

“The abuse of spiritual gifts doesn’t stop me from seeking them, just as much as abuse of the gospel doesn’t stop me from proclaiming it.” @boxand1podcast @JohnCRichardsJr

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