Topics This Episode

:37 Why would God allow someone to walk into a church and shoot and kill Christians?

10:49 How can we support #MeToo voices and advocate for victims of sexual harassment and abuse?

18:53  Is there a way to remain faithful to the gospel and, at the same time, walk in our wokeness on social issues?

26:26 What we’re reading

29:45 Closing shout outs


– “Don’t hide from tough questions; don’t be afraid to say you don’t know.” – @C_Lass @BoxAnd1Podcast

– “You can’t get through pain apart from the one who has both experienced and can take away that pain.” – @JohnCRichardsJr @BoxAnd1Podcast

“Only one person in history has been able to have all power but not abuse it.” – @C_Lass @BoxAnd1Podcast

“You don’t need to be an either…or Christian when it comes to evangelism and justice, but a both…and one.” – @JohnCRichardsJr @BoxAnd1Podcast

“I never want to get to a place of wokeness where we can’t ask the question whether something is being governed by the gospel.” – @C_Lass @BoxAnd1Podcast

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