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Episode 049-Biggest NBA Storylines, Time’s Person of the Year, and Scripture Memorization

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Topics This Episode

:31 Top NBA Stories 1/4 of the Way Through

8:53 Time’s Person of the Year: #MeToo and the Silence Breakers

14:32 The Importance of Scripture Memorization

20:39 What We’re Reading

24:25 Closing Shout Outs


 “Any time you attach an adjective to the gospel that’s not true, it’s a false gospel.” – @C_Lass @BoxAnd1Podcast

“The patriotic gospel and the patriarchal gospel are both the anthesis of the gospel.”- @JohnCRichardsJr @BoxAnd1Podcast

“The women at the tomb are the first witnesses of his resurrection. If that’s not empowering, I don’t know what is.” – @JohnCRichardsJr @BoxAnd1Podcast

“You’re going to have all kinds of friends in your lifetime, but have some close friends who are drawing you closer to Jesus.” – @C_Lass @BoxAnd1Podcast

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