Four Characteristics of a Responsible Person

Yesterday’s devotional was about responsibility. Today we look at characteristics that make a person responsible.

What does a responsible person look like?

Four Characteristics Of A Responsible Person:

1. Admission: Being responsible begins with a realization that left to your own vices, you are irresponsible. A responsible person admits their potential for irresponsibility, which naturally leads them to the next characteristic…

2. Submission: Recognition of lack of power in oneself to be responsible, leads to submission to the Power who can make you responsible. A responsible believer is a believer submitted to the power and control of God’s Spirit.

3. Stewardship: Jesus taught more on stewardship and finances than any other topic in Scripture, yet most believers continue to pile up debt–both financial and spiritual.

4. Character: Even when presented the opportunity to do something wrong, they choose to do what’s right. Adam and Eve decision moments present themselves every day. Character is what drives the responsible person to, in the words of Spike Lee, do the right thing.


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  • rev akin

    Thank you for this piece. Am blessed

  • Dp

    Thank you for this new series. It is speaking to my spirit.

    • brotherpreacher

      Speaking to me as well. Thanks bro.