Making Prayer a Priority

 This post from my wife was so awesome I had to steal it from her today:

Is prayer one of your top priorities?

How often do we withdraw from the busyness of life so that we can take time to pray? I find it’s more convenient to pray when I first wake up, and before I go to bed. I have to be more intentional, however, if I pray during the day. At times, life just gets so busy.

I read this book recently and came across this quote:  “If you are too busy to pray, then you have even more reason to stop what you are doing and give yourself over to prayer.” It was a serious ouch moment for me. There is no such thing as praying enough. The Bible tells us that we are supposed to pray all the time. I’m one who utters sentence prayers throughout the day. If a person crosses my mind, I try to pray for them right that instant.

But if I’m honest, I have not been very good at withdrawing from life so that I can pray, and I believe that Jesus sets an example that we should follow.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.  ~ (Luke 5:16)

It is easy to pause and pray when there is a tragedy. When the 8.9 earthquake hit Japan on Friday, my Facebook newsfeed was loaded with prayers for the country and all the coastal lands that were under tsunami watch. My city was also under tsunami watch. And while this was a life or death experience for many, it was so easy for people to slow down and turn their attention to God.

But what will happen when the tragedy is far behind us? Will we return back to old habits—uttering sentence prayers and being too busy to give God the priority that He deserves? My hope is that we will all see every moment as an opportunity for prayer.

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  • Kim Marshall

    I remember when I was kid on our way to school everyday in the car my mom used to make me and my brother hold hands and pray. She recently (my mom) asked me if I do this with my kids, I shamefully answered “no”. My excuse was I dont normally take my kids to school, one walks and the other catches the bus. That is no excuse! So i decided that every night I will set a time aside for the three of us to come together for prayer. I also will take more time to pray all through out the day. Prayer is communicating/talking with our Lord and saviour. I wanna be the type of person who doesn’t pray ONLY in crisis times or times on need. Amen.

    • brotherpreacher

      Awesome testimony. So glad you set aside that time at night to do so. My wife and I are trying to do this more consistently ourselves. Always easy to make the excuse with a baby. ;) Bless you.

  • rev akin

    My appreciation goes to your wife and to you for sharing this all important subject with us.Am learing that in the midst of the busyness of our day to day activities we should find and spend time to pray and not when there is a challenge or issues confronting us. We should pray when we feel like praying,we should pray when we don’t feel like praying. we should pray when we are tired,we should pray when we are strong,we should pray in the mprning.we should pray in the noon , we should pray at night and by all means we should pray.

    • brotherpreacher

      Amen to that. Gotta pray even when we don’t feel like it. Helps us stay connected to the Father. Thank you for that. Bless you.

  • Teresa

    Thank you, Brother John. I began to implement additional prayer into my daily diet late last year, retreating to the “private” bathroom at my workplace, taking the time to Thank Him and reinforce His presence in My life. My goal is to be more Mindful of God…requesting His help with every choice, thought, word & deed. I feel that it has enhanced my relationship with Him. Thank you for the confirmation. (Dare I say…once I forgot to lock the door and I was discovered? LOL).

    • brotherpreacher

      You’re quite welcome sis. I sure hope you weren’t up in there speaking on tongues when you were discovered. ;) Just kidding. Bless you and thanks for sharing that with me.

  • Celeste Connor

    I do not see me going to long without prayer. Being that Jesus Christ is my LORD and Redeemer. Satan rarely gives me enough rest to go a day without it. Praying and talking with the LORD is the only thing that inspires me to make better choices. Being challenged daily in a world of confusion, it is the only thing that brings me peace of mind for myself and family.

    • brotherpreacher

      I know that’s right. Talking to Him is certainly the one thing that inspires me to make better choices. Discernment is key element to prayer. Bless you sis.