Topics this Episode:

:45 The Race For President and the Third Way
11:14 The Other Unreached – Evangelism Tips for Those Hurt by Church
20:19 Tulsa/Charlotte Shootings
31:51 Sorry We Missed That – Kevin Garnett Headbutts a Hole in the Wall
38:47 What We’re Reading/Listening To


 “There are over 2130 verses on care for the poor in the bible.” – @boxand1podcast @C_Lass

“Like Sho Baraka, I don’t feel confident voting for either candidate.” – @boxand1podcast @CoachJHartman

“Post-Boomer leadership has always been decentralized.”– @boxand1podcast @JohnCRichardsJr

  “There is misdemeanor church hurt and felony church hurt.” – @boxand1podcast @C_Lass

 “Church hurt is one of the least addressed issues in Christian ministry/evangelism.” – @boxand1podcast @JohnCRichardsJr

“There are more people who I encounter who feel like the church is full of hypocrites and it stems from past hurt.” –@boxand1podcast @CoachJHartman

“If you really want to be a part of the healing process, then there has to be a difference in the way we think about it.” @boxand1podcast @C_Lass

“Protests don’t take too much thought, but policies is what takes thinking through a strategy.” @boxand1podcast @JohnCRichardsJr

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